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We have the privilege and honor to announce that one of BigMIND’s prestigious global partners, AOS Data Co. Ltd., member of the BigMIND Partner Program based in Japan, won the world-renowned IT Grid Review Award Winter 2021.

BigMIND’s global partner

You may have heard and used the high quality services of AOS Data Co. The company is using BigMIND’s cutting edge cloud backup technologies, comprehensively protecting customers’ data assets, such as leakage, loss and natural disasters, that can maintain the optimum environment even after installation with efficient restoration function and full support.

Cloud backup service

AOS Data Co. won the…

BigMIND is adding another feature to assist their distributor and partner network

The work doesn’t end when the deal closes. At least, in IT sales. Unlike a house or a car, the IT resellers know the sale of a new software ends one stage of the job but begins another: training. Getting your clients or even your resellers set up on a new system or software is a job unto itself, and one that can quickly bottleneck productivity for sales teams. …

Becoming a Seven Digit Earner with SaaS sales

Having a job that pays seven digits isn’t the only way to become a millionaire. In fact, almost every millionaire will tell you, relying on a single source of income is a surefire way not to meet your goals. The key to joining the millionaire’s club isn’t hard work, it’s smart work, and incorporating practices that build and grow your personal wealth. Rather than working hard at one job, millionaires in the making should establish multiple streams of income.

It all comes down to simple math and what it takes to reach a million dollars. A million seems like a…

IT solutions providers stand to make the most from white label SaaS and this is why

A white label, or white labeling, is the term used for reselling products others develop but are branded and packaged as if they were your own. The practice is commonly seen at grocery stores and big box stores that offer a “store brand” line of products but has since left the store shelves and become prevalent in SaaS development and sales and is particularly beneficial for IT companies. Here’s why:

Strengthen Brand Awareness & Loyalty

IT service providers offering a single solution can easily be pigeon-holed in the SaaS market. White labeling, however, provides an easy and accessible way to…

You’ve protected your enterprise data, but what are you protecting it from?

As a cloud service provider, we often speak about the importance of data protection and recovery, especially for smaller businesses. Afterall, small business does account for 28% of all data breaches. But with all of the focus being on preventative and protective measures, an explanation of what your businesses needs safeguarding against is often overlooked.

Ransomware, malware, denial of service, and phishing schemes are the most common types of data breaches. …

Connectivity begins with telecommunication companies and internet service providers, or ISPs. After all, these are the companies businesses and people look to in order to get online or set up a network. Once a customer is connected, however, the need for a telecom or ISP decreases significantly. This presents a problem. As online access increases, the opportunities for telecoms and ISPs to expand their clientele shrinks. To combat a declining client pool, it’s necessary for telecoms and ISPs to evolve their business and services in order to guarantee continued growth in an increasingly competitive market.

If you’re a telecom or…

Hear from the experts why BigMIND by Zoolz is the industry leader in cloud storage for business

By now you know cloud backup is essential for a business. Not only does cloud storage help protect your enterprise data from loss and physical damage to your systems, it’s also proven itself to be a cost-effective way to the data your business is required to keep on hand.

Here at Zoolz we know that, and have worked tirelessly to develop a cloud backup and storage solution that does even more. The AI technology used to build BigMIND by Zoolz isn’t just a backup and storage solution, but a data management tool that helps organizations to stay on top of…

Is your organization making these mistakes?

You’ve heard it before. Protect your network, protect your data. While your IT administrators understand the importance of these ideas to a fault, do your employees? According to a report recently released by PT Security, maybe not.

The study was conducted over the course of a year and collected the data of 28 different external pentests, or tests performed by ethical hackers for the purpose of locating network vulnerabilities. When the results were released last month, two major shortcomings in cybersecurity were revealed: weak employee passwords and insufficiently protected web applications.

While a single employee’s login credentials aren’t usually enough…

How to Make Sure You’re Prepared for Whatever the Earth Throws at You

What’s next, a zombie apocolypse?

Everyday we seem to read news of a disaster, natural or otherwise, affecting an area or the world. Wildfires and hurricanes in the US, tsunamis and earthquakes in Asia, and heat waves in Europe threaten the lives and livelihoods of people all over the world. Not to mention, the pandemic the world is still currently experiencing. From power outages to the complete loss of infrastructure, being prepared to be without has returned to the forefront of many people’s minds.

It’s hard to ignore the desire to prepare for the event of an emergency when it seems like there is always…

Data Breaches by the Numbers

While many businesses have been celebrating the technology that has allowed companies to continue productivity remotely this year, the consequences are often overlooked. With the increase of remote work, so did the threat of a data breach as hackers began taking advantage of less protected personal networks. And consumers are concerned about it too. In a study performed by PWC, 69% of American consumers believe companies are vulnerable to hacks and cyberattacks.

It’s not just consumer confidence businesses have to combat, either. The biggest, and most costly concern is the data breach itself. …


Zoolz is a market-leading provider of cloud-based storage. Our mission is to provide an affordable and secure cloud solution for businesses and individuals.

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